Does Spirituality Make You Happy?

Our planet is the home of more than 4000 religions and each regulates its own cultural laws to make the Gods happy. However, spirituality does not limit itself to religious paradigms but goes beyond them and nourishes a relationship between your consciousness.

The Buddha said that existence is suffering. Similar things have been said by the majority of religions. Hinduism deals with Karma laws which state this world life is an incarnation and sorrows and happiness...

Religions About Everlasting Happiness:

London School of Economics and the Erasum University Medical Center conducted research in 2015 and found that believers are happier than non-believers.

Scientific Studies About Spirituality & Happiness:

The word Religion comes from the Latin word ‘Religio’ which means ‘to bind together’. Spiritual communities play a big role in supporting a person.

Spirituality Shares A Sense Of Belongingness: